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  • Mining

    It can be mined at Cryptopia's Mineshaft, which seems to be the main exchange for dime since Cryptsy closed doors.

  • Specifications

    Use rpcport: 11930; and port: 11931.

Algo: Quark, (sort of SHA3)

dimecoin is a straight Quark clone, although there have been no "official" updates for some time. It is bitcoin 8.2, althoughh some unofficial wallets have been made and upgraded.

  • The infamous Dime Dev

    The developer smashed 8% premine, which by today's standards is actually low.

  • Where to trade dimecoin

    After Cryptsy closed, Cryptopia has become the main exchange. It trades against litecoin (plus some minor coins like dogecoin).



dimecoin Specs continued

Quark Algo

Block Rewards, halving and so on

64 sec Blocks, 65536 sec (18hrs & 1024 blocks) difficulty change (max. 10% up/50% down), 80 confirms, 1024 coins per block (halving every 512000 blocks): Total 460 billion coins. Superblocks: Block 1 = 1024, Block 2 = 2048, Block 3 = 3072, Block 1024 = 1048576. The coin halved a while go, so halve the rewards according to blockcount.

Mining and Ports

Cryptopia's Mineshaft is probably the easiest place unless solo mining. Connect to the dimecoin network using port 11931, and rpcport 11930 (in dimecoin.conf).


No develpment in public. Frequently developed behind closed doors. Original source is here: ORIGINAL. An updated (legitimate) source is here: UPDATED (better). The source for an Android never compiled is also available: ANDROID.


Perhaps, you can double or even quadruple your stake on dimecoin with just a 1 litoshi or 2 listoshi move in price. How much got left on Cryptsy is unknown.

Singapore and Korea?

Dimecoin was controlled via Singapore and South Korea for some time. Pumper and dumper Ex-Crypto may or may not have run the operation.

Dimecoin Begging Bonanza

Loads of dimecoin films during the infamous giveaway, which was instrumental in Bitcointak banning giveaways. The original thread is here: dimecoin original bitcointalk and a second ill-fated but longer "Community Takeover" thread is here: dimecoin bitcointalk community takeover.

Wallets and Source

Dodgy wallet on right

dimecoin.org   7SEeLL8L5G8HjctnaQBHY1u2125uvZvtkK